Protecting Legal Rights and Interests After Tour Bus Accidents

Several months ago, a tour bus heading from Mexico to Washington state slammed into pole while driving on a highway, resulting in the motor coach being split in half. Five people were killed, with numerous other individuals being injured, including some seriously so.

The accident reported by the media underscores the catastrophe that can result from your bus accidents. Across the United States, and including in Washington, men, women, and children are killed and injured seriously in tour bus accidents every year. As a result, it is important for people to have a basic understanding of personal injury laws, as well as of what a personal injury lawyer can do to assist individuals injured in these types of collisions.

Compensation in a Tour Bus Accident

One area in which a personal injury lawyer provides vital professional assistance is in ensuring that a person obtains appropriate compensation in the aftermath of a tour bus accident. Although the nature and extent of compensation depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding a tour bus accident, there are some types of financial recovery that often are obtained in a bus accident insurance claim or lawsuit. This include:

  • medical bills and expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • permanent disability
  • mental and psychological anguish
  • permanent disfigurement
  • lost salary or wages

An injured person can make a claim to obtain compensation not only for existing or current losses, damages, and injuries but also for those reasonably expected to be incurred in the future. For example, following a bus accident, an injured person very well may face an extended period of medical care and treatment, including physical and occupational therapy.

Following a tragic tour bus accident, an injured person may face chronic pain for an extended period. Returning to work may also be out of the question for an indefinite term.

Retain a Tour Bus Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

A tour bus accident personal injury attorney will fight to ensure that an injured person obtains justice, including the amount of compensation necessary to address losses, damages, and injuries. An injured individual needs to be proactive and realize that legal representation is crucial in all aspects of dealing with the aftermath of a tour bus accident, including during the insurance claims settlement process.

A personal injury lawyer provides a case evaluation and answers questions during the initial appointment with a prospective client. As a general rule, an attorney does not charge a fee for an initial consultation with the injured victim of a tour bus accident.